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amlan ganguly, entrepreneur in kolkata, youthled ngo in salt lake city

Samundar samundar yaha se waha tak
Ye mojo ki chadar bichhi aasma tak
Mere meharba meri had hai kaha tak
Yaha tak, yaha tak, yaha tak

O my Love, can you please tell me the line boundary up to which I can move or is it like the sea which starts from land and spreads up to the sky

Salt Lake City gave me a canvas to paint whatever I felt like. Unlike the other places where I had “zero responsibility” as far as family is concerned I knew my Mentors were there to support me if I fall. But back to back two pillars of my strength were taken from me. One, my Didi got married and settled in the US and my Mani passed away. The two incidents, one very good and another very bad, happened so quickly that I forgot to react. And thank God I initiated Prayasam before both these major incidents took place…Prayasam provided me my much required family.

amlan ganguly, entrepreneur in kolkata, youthled ngo in salt lake city

A family which has given me the power to experiment with my ideas…the family which never forces me to take any decision when my gut feeling goes the other way…the family which gives me the space as well as guidance whenever I require it…the family which gives me the much needed strength when the situation is not congenial…the family which suffers my idiosyncrasies and eccentricities…shows patience to my restlessness and impulsive behavior…for me, Prayasam is my relief station and the feeling is mutual. They adored me when I was not inducted as an Ashoka Fellow – they respected me without knowing the value of Rockefellers’ invitation and wanted to share my burden even if I was not selected as a Ford Fellow. A platform where I didn’t have to pass any examination to prove my credibility or capability. What I am doing since 1996 is encouraging some people, whom everybody  thought had no potential. I started working with very ordinary people and till today these practically written-off individuals have done extraordinary work. And they are the real architect to build this family. Because these people with zero consciousness of their potential have shown prominence and brought prosperity to the “Family”. The major component which bring us towards each other is trust and transparency. So, now there’s no looking back. My comrades have tasted success but they are so grounded they never got carried away. We are all students and learning every moment. The entire universe is our “school” and thus like the sea we don’t know or want to know to be precise, the limit of our learning. And no doubt the above mentioned song from the film Barood I always hum to remind me the same.   Thank you, SALT LAKE CITY PRAYASAM, for making me ME.

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