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He is a boy trapped in a man’s body. I have yet to meet a guy who is so simple yet so very confused. Monish is very sincere and committed. He has followed the ONTRACK principles to the T. He is very shy about sharing his feelings and always takes the blame for an act he has not committed. Like Debasis, he is also a man of few words. And very perceptive. Both he and I are working in the Community Collective programme and I see him as a grown  man with a lot of dreams for the community youth. While he is working he becomes so involved that he forgets about everything. A leader who leads the team by giving his followers immense freedom and space. The best thing about Monish is that he is not judgemental or opinionated. If he ever gets hurt, he goes deeper into his shell and very few people can bring him back to his normal self.

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